courtinfroggie (courtinfroggie) wrote,

The opposite of the UNIX Way

We all know, a piece of software is following the UNIX Way if it does one thing and does it well.

A recent encounter with soapUI prompted me to find a term describing the opposite. A feature-rich application that is used with loathing after passing a particular point on the learning curve. The features are great, really thank you guys, but the user experience resembles digging ground with a pointed stick.

An answer came shortly: the Windows way. Or the GNOME way. Or maybe the itunes way (as far as I know from Apple's customers).

Examples of how soapUI manifests the worse side of the Windows|GNOME|itunes way:
  • A project's xml file is updated unpredictably so the version control is hindered. You also can't tell if there are unsaved changes.
  • XML Schema and WSDL documents are also stored in the project file. You may update them manually and soapUI may also rewrite these inclusions when the project is closed after no changes at all (I usually see a huge diff).
  • GUI tends to conceal the details. That helps the worst kind of errors to occure - the errors in tests.
So I'm planning to focus on the better side, that is its feature-rich library:
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